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Client Testimonials

We have had hundreds of clients over the years and love for our clients to relay their experiences, feedback and thoughts to us. Here are the responses we have garnered over our tenure and we want to let our wonderful clients know that we appreciate all of the support that they have given us.

I would recommend Skyline Executive Suites to any small business looking for a great environment for all client types. It is in a great location that is easily accessible from 1-10 with a monitored parking garage with reserved parking and plenty of non-reserved parking. There is also a great cafe downstairs and many other restaurants in the area. Skyline has an excellent staff that can provide notary service and IT services as well as many other shipping needs. They also have a gym and a convenient bank downstairs. I had a great experience while I was at Skyline.


Vikki Torfin

General Manager, Abandonment Consulting Services



I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and the staff of Skyline Executive Suites for the excellent service you offered us in our time there. All of Skyline’s employees are so professional and dependable. Your facilities are top notch, easily accessible, and always spotless. One other thing that I was particularly impressed with is the extra level of security that Skyline offers. It really gave us peace of mind that we were safe and our assets were protected.

I want to offer a big thank you to you, Cris, Michelle, and Valerie for a wonderful experience. I wish you all the best!

Letha Russell

Partner, Allegiant Energy Group LP




As you know we have recently merged with Construction Helicopters. Due to that merger I will we will end our lease here at Skyline.

During the past three years it has been my professional and personal pleasure to have an office here and I have, at all times, been treated with courtesy and professionalism by your staff. On countless occasions I have received compliments from company and client callers that were impressed with “Our” receptionist. During meetings here, document preparation and routine daily office work, I have increased my productivity due to this excellent facility, and the outcome has been an increased in production.

Thank you for everything, and please feel free to share my comments with potential clients.

Dave Eagleston

Marketing Manager, Construction Helicopters, Inc



My colleagues join me in thanking you for the privilege of being your tenants at Skyline Executive Suites for nearly six years. Our departure in January was bittersweet. While we are proud to now own a building where our offices, classroom and library are in one location, we will miss the wonderful people and the exceptional services that made our time with you all such a positive experience.

The offices, workroom equipment and common areas on the thirteenth floor were always impeccably maintained. More importantly, your team was always professional, competent and warm. The valuable services and the joyful way in which they were provided set a standard worthy of emulation. The staff is exemplary!

Susan H. McElroy

Associate Director, Fuller Theological Seminary



Thanks for getting us online today. The way in which the network is configured for this office is really efficient and effective and we were very happy at the ease in which we were able to get our firewall installed today.

Thanks again for your help.


GeoComputing Group


My firm had an excellent experience with Skyline Executive Suites during our stay from December 2010 until October 2011. The facility was well equipped and the staff members were very professional and friendly. Our occasional IT and administrative needs were handled efficiently and competently. For anyone considering using an executive suite, I would highly recommend Skyline.

John C. Peissel

Peissel Law Firm, LLP



This letter serves as a reference for Skyline Executive Suites, located at 11757 Katy Freeway, Suite 1300, Houston, TX. Power Plant Management Services, LLC (PPMS) at departure rented a total of ten (10) offices from December 2010 to September 30, 2011. Assistance was never an issue, whether it was with reception or IT. The property was always clean and tidy and well supplied with coffee and condiments. Conference Room availability was very rarely an issue. All of the suite management team conducted themselves in a professional and helpful manner at all times. Our departure date was a moving target, Skyline Executive Suites; specifically Guy Brown worked with us and was very accommodating to meet our needs. While we rented the offices, we had no complaints and would recommend this space.

Kelly Reese

Business Manager, Power Plant Management Services, LLC